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The unique promise of NKT cell therapies

NKT cells have unique attributes that tackle cancer heterogeneity and tumor microenvironment challenges. NKT cells are special, but also rare, which is why they’ve been difficult to engineer to scale. The ACUA platform provides us access to these CAR-NKT cells.

Scalable, universal therapies via our proprietary ACUA Platform

APPIA’S Technology

Our allogeneic off-the-shelf therapy has the potential to produce thousands of doses of CAR-NKT-cells that can be frozen and waiting for the patient at the clinic.

Graph of Appia Bio's technology

CURRENT Standard

Autologous CAR-T therapies are individualized and produced one dose at a time through an expensive manufacturing process. This can be dependent on the health of the patient’s own immune cells, which can be varied.

Graph of Current Standard

The ACUA Difference: Harnessing the power of rare, potent cancer-fighting innate-like T cells

Most allogeneic cells are mature cells from donors. They are engineered, edited, and massively expanded. Massive expansion of mature cells can lead to cell exhaustion and underperformance.

Our proprietary process starts with healthy hematopoietic stem cells to drive differentiation to these subtypes of rare but potent innate-like T cells, like NKT and gamma delta T cells. As part of the ACUA differentiation process, they are engineered to be armed with chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) to target the cancer.

Once cryopreserved, these universal T cells are uniquely suited for off-the-shelf therapy for hematologic and solid cancers.

Graph of the ACUA Platform

“There is tremendous potential to be explored in allogeneic cell therapies. The board and I look forward to working with this stellar team to create transformative cell therapies that will help patients and the physicians who treat them”

Dr. David Baltimore

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